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A day of free communications and media programming. Featuring creative and scholarly presentations, film screenings, and a book launch.

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Marshall McLuhan

Primarily understood as a communication theorist and philosopher of media, Marshall McLuhan talked about the various technologies of communication, printing, film, photography, theatre, and dance. His predictions from the 1960s, many of which have come to pass, were prophetic and controversial during their time and remain relevant in disciplines beyond the bounds of media studies.


Interview Link: West Awake co-organizer Dr. Jen Reid (University of Winnipeg) interviews Andrew McLuhan as part of CKUWs "pass the mic" week. Recorded live in the CKUW 95.9FM on-air studio. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Imaginations Book Launch


McLuhan And The Arts at Fisher Rate Book Library, University of Toronto.

Photo Credit: Dr. Joshua J. McEvilla

Imaginations is a multilingual, open-access journal of international visual cultural studies. It is published twice yearly and is double-blind peer-reviewed. As a knowledge democracy project, Imaginations is free to submit to and free to read. A print version of issue 8-3 "Marshall McLuhan And The Arts" will launch at West Awake. (UW Faculty of Education Publishing)

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